What is e-currency

This type of currency is issued independently by several companies. Some of the most popular of these are Liberty Reserve, Pecunix and WebMoney.

These digital units of value are used in online stores, point-of-sale outlets, business-to-business and person-to-person payments. Some organizations even pay their employees and charities through this type of money.

Digital gold currency is backed by real gold stored in vaults, through unallocated or allotted gold storage.

Its unit is the golden gram or three ounces. It offers a payment system independent of exchange rate variations and political or any kind of manipulation.

Moreover, deposits are protected from inflation, devaluation and other economic risks affecting fiat currencies, dictated by government monetary policy, which are detrimental to the value of paper currencies such as falling investment markets, bankruptcy, war and social unrest.

One of the most important characteristics of digital value units is the fact that they cannot be returned. Thanks to that, the operating costs of the system are significantly reduced, because it does not have to resolve the payment dispute.

Also, this allows you to instantly delete transactions, making funds immediately available to the recipient, as opposed to paying by card and check.

As a result, millions of people today are dealing with digital currencies. This phenomenon has further led to the emergence of several different types of digital currency. The following list shows some of the most popular of them:

* EuroGoldCash: registered in Panama, but headquartered in Europe, has a gap in the market for private financial transactions in a safe, fair and multi-jurisdictional place.

* Global Digital Pay: a private offshore internet payment system with Digital Trade Network Ltd that handles foreign exchange reserves that support the complete system.

* Liberty Reserve: Current real-time currency for international trade; it is secure, reliable and confidential

o gold (LR unit represented by gold),

o USD (LR USD equal to the dollar at face value),

o Euro (LR euro equal to euro at face value)

* Pecunix: offshore system protected by gold. If you want to have some digital gold stored in real vaults, in Switzerland Pecunix is ​​probably the best choice you can make. The gold balance can also be converted into physical gold.

* C-Gold: digital gold currency backed by gold stored in vaults. It can be fully redeemed for real, physical gold bars, which makes the balance of c-gold.com user accounts based on weight equal to the purchase of physical gold without taxes or surcharges.

* WebMoney: an online payment system that allows you to make transactions with other WebMoney users or merchants, in a number of currencies; WMG bags are denominated in gold grams.

However, a new trend, when it comes to digital currency, is that more and more people are now choosing Liberty Reserve. Available in several forms, Liberty Reserve is practical, reliable and consistent in value.

You can convert your money into valuable LR units. The specific type of Liberty Reserve currency you buy depends on your individual needs and comfort levels.