What you can do to help the lake
Here are four simple things you can do to help Lake Kenosia:

  • Maintain your septic system
    Have it pumped and inspected once every two to three years

    Know where your leaching area is and protect it
    (keep it free of encroachments and vehicles, and maintain grass cover)

  • Manage your lawn to prevent pollution
    Do not over-fertilize your yard

    Minimize grass areas

    Use more native shrubs and ground cover

  • Be aware of your land use
    Store and dispose of oil and toxic liquids properly and do not discharge them into the lake

    Do not dump anything into storm drains as they run right into the lake

    Clean up after your pets to prevent wastes from entering storm drains

    Use low phosphorous detergents

  • Support city efforts to clean up the lake
    Lake Kenosia is part of the City of Danbury water supply. As the headwaters of the Still River, the lake offers opportunities for scenic and recreational activities.

    Be aware of what the Lake Kenosia Commission is doing to promote good stewardship in the watershed of Lake Kenosia. Keep checking this website for our progress.