Lake Kenosia and the Still River

It may surprise you to learn that Lake Kenosia is not a natural lake at all, but an impoundment, or dammed section, of the Still River. See where Lake Kenosia is on our landscape and how it is linked hydraulically with the Still River. On the map below, the inlet (1 and 2) is where water from the Still River flows into the lake at Jensen's Mobile Home Park. Think of the inlet as the faucet for the lake. The outlet (3 and 4) is where the lake drains into the Still River at Mill Plain Swamp. Think of the outlet as the drain for the lake.

NOTE: Click your mouse on the Red buttons to see a picture of each area.

Map Key:
1 and 2 - Still River flows into Lake Kenosia
3 - Culvert that backs up the Still River to create Lake Kenosia
4 - Lake Kenosia flows out to the Still River at Mill Plain Swamp
5 - Mill Plain Swamp
6 - Lake Kenosia Park Beach