Our Mission

 The Lake Kenosia Commission is dedicated to improve the quality of life for Danbury citizens by ensuring the long-term protection of Lake Kenosia as one of the City's important natural resources.



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    Lake Kenosia Commission Objectives

    Promote and oversee the maintenance of the buffer gardens around the beach. This will have the following benefits:

    • Filter storm-water runoff
    • Deter and disperse Canada geese away from the beach
    • Beautify the beach
    Continue to explore lake management options to control weeds and algae.
    • While the Lake Kenosia Commission researches long-term solutions to the control of weeds and algae, it maintains a weed-free oasis at the Lake Kenosia Park beach with its annual suction harvesting operation.
    Increase public education and awareness about Lake Kenosia is one of the key initiatives - it is at the core of our mission.
    • Getting people involved in learning about the lake and their role as stewards is a high priority for the Commission. Learn about what you can do to be better stewards of our lake on this website.


Below is a panoramic view of the beach area with sound. Stay tuned as this panorama will change as the buffer evolves over the season.